Zoom at St Johns

We use Zoom for our interactive online activities.  For privacy reasons we do not publish session details such as meetings IDs and Passwords on our website.  These are available by request or by subscribing to our Newsletter; our Calendar shows our online activities.

This page is designed to help anyone who needs detail above the session URL, Meeting ID or Password to connect to a session.

Don't have Zoom and don't know what it is? Find our more here.

There are several ways to join a zoom session:

  • The easiest way is to follow the links in our newsletters or provided to you separately.  If you don't already have a suitable version of the software, you will be prompted to download it as part of the process, but you may prefer to download it in advance (if the session doesn't start automatically, then return to the relevant email and click the link again).
  • If you don't access your email on the device you will be using, then visit https://zoom.us/join and enter the Meeting ID included in our email and click 'Join'.  During the process, you will also need to enter the password that's in our email (and will be prompted to download the software if needed).
  • If you don’t have a PC, tablet or Smartphone available, call one of the 6 numbers below, enter the Meeting ID we provided [then ‘#’] at the first prompt; at the second prompt just press ‘#’ and at the third prompt, enter the password we provided [then ‘#’].  
    •  Phone numbers to dial: Any one of 020 3481 5237 | 0203 481 5240 | 0131 460 1196

If your PC doesn’t have a microphone, then use the link provided to open (and download, if needed) the software and, once connected, click the up arrow next to the microphone or join audio icon (bottom left) and follow the “switch to phone audio link”.

If you're confused by any of this and want help working out how to join in, drop an email to Neil Middleton and he will contact you to help you connect.