Our Electoral Roll

Annual revision of the Electoral Roll for 2022

Our Annual Electoral Roll update is now in its 'review' stage; that means it is currently frozen until the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) on Sunday 20th. However, applications are still welcome, and will be processed after the APCM (or immediately, if received after the APCM). The timetable for the pre-APCM refresh for 20222 is as follows:

  Formal Plan Timing
1 Official launch (including the Notice in the Church Porch) Wednesday 1st February 2022
2 Annual revision of the Electoral Roll Wednesday 16th February Wednesday 2nd March
3 Electoral Roll on display in Church Porch Saturday 5th March - Saturday 19th March (note 1)

Although the headline is Annual revision of the Electoral Roll, in practice, it is simply the two weeks of the year when we actively encourage update changes can be made at any time. 

What is the Electoral Roll?

At its simplest, it is the list of names and addresses of every person who can vote at a Parish's Annual Meeting (and any special or extra church meetings).

Who can be on it?

Any lay person (i.e. not ordained clergy) who is baptised and over 16 years old, provided they live in the parish or have worshipped at the church regularly for at least six months. It is possible to be on the Roll of more than one church, but in that case a choice must be made over which one church you wish to vote in.

Don't let a decision to be cautious on Covid, and thus to not come to Services for some or all of the last 6 months stop you from submitting your form instead have a quick chat with me.

Want to know more / want to join the Roll?

An Invitation Letter can be downloaded [complete with forms] (or there are copies in the Church Porch) and the forms alone are also available in both PDF & Word formats.  Please complete and return the form(s) to me preferably by email: electoral.roll@stjohnsharpenden.org.uk (if using the Word version, typing your name on the signature line suffices), or alternatively via a Churchwarden or c/o of the Parish Office. For your name to be on the version of the Roll presented to the APCM I need to receive it by Wednesday 2nd March; otherwise I will add your name after the conclusion of the APCM (or immediately, if after 20th March).

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me via the email address above.

Thank you 


Neil Middleton 
Electoral Roll Officer 
1 February 2022


[1] And can also be shared electronically on request.  In both cases, it is names only addresses are considered private.