St John's is generally following the stance of the Archbishops of Canterbury and York.  At the time of last update (27 April 2022):

  • Our service Calendar is up to date, as is our Services description page.
  • The Church is regularly open; again our Calendar is up to date.

Our current arrangements include:

  • Face coverings. We do not require mask wearing at St John’s. However, we do encourage you to wear masks in crowded areas, such as during communion or when arriving and departing Church. The Clergy will continue to wear masks to distribute the Sacrament.
  • Social Distancing. Seats are set aside for those who wish to remain socially distanced and wear masks throughout the service. Please do leave this space for those who would like to make use of this. Other than this, you are welcome to sit with whoever you like and in whatever number. There is room for people both to sit together or to remain separate as they prefer. 
  • Holy Communion will continue to be distributed in one kind (the Body of Christ) from a standing position – for most services this will be in the Nave as now, although the 8am Communion will be in the Lady Chapel. Whilst we would dearly love to see the return of the Chalice, prudence would suggest delaying this. Likewise, while kneeling to receive Communion is an important reflection of our devotion to the Sacrament, it is more practical at this time to continue standing.
  • Church Opening. We open the Church up daily, and whilst we hope people will come in and pray, we wish to ensure that all are welcome to come and visit our wonderful church, for whatever reason.
  • Collections will continue to be taken at the back of the church rather than passing around collection bowls; we also like to encourage you to use the contactless payment machine, and if doing so, remember that it can be used before the service as well as afterwards. As ever, we encourage regular members of the congregation to donate via Planned Giving, using the information on the Giving page of the website.
  • The Peace continues to be shared without physical contact, except for those within the same household or where you know physical contact is welcome.


  • It is accepted that this arrangement will need to be reviewed from time to time in the light of revised regulations and advice both from the Government and from the Diocese.
  • The chance is being taken to think afresh about our ‘permanent’ service pattern.

We are not offering detailed nationally relevant updates or advice here (as they could so easily be out of date), but instead refer you to the Diocese's website and, in particular, commend Bishop Alan's Golden Rules.